Moosie’s Ice Cream is located in the heart of Kensington

Address: 4073 Adams Avenue
Phone: (619) 450-6470
Hours: 12pm-10pm Daily in the summer and 2pm-10pm in the winter

We offer a wide variety of premium handmade ice cream flavors including traditional, specialty and seasonal choices.

A variety of sit down and to go items are available.

16 rotating flavors are available to choose from.
Can’t decide? Did you know you can split a single scoop with 2 flavors? Just ask! Plus hand packed pints, custom ice cream cakes, and more!

Moosie’s Ice Cream is named for our Grandmother, “Grandma Moosie.”

grandparents day gc

Grandma Moosie REALLY loved her ice cream. Every celebration or milestone, large or small was made special with a trip to the ice cream shop. Moosie always took us out for ice cream after school performances, graduations, birthdays, or just because. We hope you’ll make your family celebrations extra special with Moosie’s Classic Ice Cream. 


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