• Single Scoops $4.25
  • Double Scoop $5.95
  • 3 Scoop $7.50
  • Cora Cone: (toddler sized) $3.00
  • Cookie Sandwich: $6.50
  • Sundae: $5.96
  • Double Sundae: $6.95
  • Double Moose Sundae: $7.45
  • Pint $8.95
  • Hot Toppings $1.00
  • Reg Toppings: $0.50
  • Shakes: $5.95
  • Malt: $6.45
  • Floats (root beer or orange) $5.95
  • Pour over coffee: $3.00
  • Cold Brew: $3.00

Upgrade to a handmade waffle cone or bowl for $1.00

Moosie’s handmade ice cream toppings include hot fudge, old fashioned butterscotch, peanut butter, and fresh strawberry topping. They are all made in house daily from Moosie family recipes.



Moosies also has Ice cream Pies available. Graham cracker crust filled with your ice cream flavor of choice topped with homemade fudge and decorated with whipped topping.

  • Ice Cream Pie- $17.99
  • Now Avail by the slice!



Please call to discuss. Moosie’s has been a proud caterer for weddings, street parties, graduation parties, community events and more!

6 thoughts on “Menu

  1. .it's Don ! says:

    What’sup ….Moosies’ ! Wow`o wo wo-whoa ! Mr. Moosie ……it’s Don !

    …from three days ago walking into your sweat-ice creams establishment , ten minutes before closing ; there was seven of us 4-1-2 i.e. Daughters-Dad-S`i’Ls. You were awesome. Not only did we have samples, and conversation we enjoyed the ice cream and further conversation : plus a liitle guy came from using the bathroom, surprised everyone.

    I just wanted too thank-you making us one of your ice cream fans visiting from Chicago …..were back.


  2. Joe says:

    Tuesday July 9, around 2:30 pm on this gorgeous San Diego afternoon in my new neighborhood of Kensington, I just had to have some ice cream, and boy did the cordial gal behind the counter at Moosies’ ever scoop me up the best double decker of chocolate and vanilla bean I’ve enjoyed in years! I’ll definitely be back next Tuesday after work, and every Tuesday for the rest of the summer!


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